case study spotlight.
Mioraki, Supply of software development resources

Because of the rapidly growing customer base, the number of features that needed to be developed or enhanced grew with it. But Mioraki knew it did not want to permanently hire additional software development staff and sought support from Red Jungle. With founding partner Gerard van de Ven also coming from the Netherlands originally they knew that the language would not be a problem...

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customer testimonial spotlight.
Recovery Assist

Red Jungle actively seeks the best solutions. When we give the developers a specification their first question is, “can we make this better….can we improve the work flow”? The ease of application by end user is always in mind.

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from the developers blog.
Phil Now hiring ASP.NET developers
by Phil on 10 Oct
We are once again looking for talented and enthusiastic ASP.NET software developers to join our rapidly expanding team in our brand new Napier office. Full time, permanent, Intermediate and Senior developer roles are available now!
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Phil Developers, on the move!
by Phil on 17 Jun
Recently, as the team has expanded we have started to outgrow our current space. So when an opportunity for a brand new, larger space which we could tailor to our needs popped up earlier this year, we jumped at the chance. All without leaving the fantastic environment of the Ahuriri area which we now call home.
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Phil Tremains Triathlon 2013
by Phil on 23 Mar
Last weekend the Red Jungle team took part again in the Tremains corporate triathlon. The event has been running for many years now, and we have been entering Red Jungle teams for the last couple of years. It’s always a great event, a lot of fun, and a great opportunity for some team building (and friendly office rivalry!).
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Matthew Hintzen Transitioning a SaaS App to Azure Web Site - Part I
by Matthew Hintzen on 09 Mar
First in a serious of post regarding moving a SaaS application hosted on a privately hosted Virtual Machine to run as an Azure Website. In this first part I walk you thru the steps necessary to transition your Sql Database from the server to SQL Azure.
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