Our customers

We are very proud of the work we do, and we stand by our record of delivering consistently fantastic software for our clients projects. Here is a small selection of case studies and testimonials from some of our regular clients.

Case Studies

Port of Napier, support in house applications

The Port of Napier decided not to rehire a full time software developer but instead sought support from Red Jungle founding partner Gerard van de Ven to supply maintenance and support for one of their main in house applications: Port Control. Port Control takes care of the scheduling of ships to Berths, all movements in and out of the port and scheduling of resources like Pilots, tug boats, mooring lines and mooring gangs, etc.
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Mioraki, Supply of software development resources

Because of the rapidly growing customer base, the number of features that needed to be developed or enhanced grew with it. But Mioraki knew it did not want to permanently hire additional software development staff and sought support from Red Jungle. With founding partner Gerard van de Ven also coming from the Netherlands originally they knew that the language would not be a problem.
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BST, Inc. Desktop To Web Application Transition

BST, Inc. had a Windows Desktop Application that was core to their Safety Consultancy process and business. The application had a wide North American audience but due to limitations for foreign language support, and client IT support costs, a large portion of the potential global audience could not use the software. BST Sought help in addressing both issues in one solution.
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"Red Jungle actively seeks the best solutions. When we give the developers a specification their first question is, “can we make this better….can we improve the work flow”? The ease of application by end user is always in mind."

- Rob Elvidge
Recovery Assist Ltd

"Red Jungle is an exceptional partner, bringing fresh ideas and experience to our projects that enable faster development from conception to implementation."

- Mauricio Freitas
Founder, Geekzone

"The guys at Red Jungle were fabulous to work with when creating our GST Calc iPhone App. Lots of great ideas and a polished end product."

- Brena Smith