BST, Inc. Desktop To Web Application Transition

Converting BAPPTrack from a Windows Desktop Application to the Rincon Web Based Application increased market potential

The Challenge

BST, Inc. [ ] had a Windows Desktop Application that was core to their Safety Consultancy process and business. The application had a wide North American audience but due to limitations for foreign language support, and client IT support costs, a large portion of the potential global audience could not use the software.

BST Sought help in addressing both issues in one solution.

Researching the impediments

Red Jungle Founding Partner, Matthew Hintzen, the original developer of the BST Windows Application BAPPTrack® was approached to help address the limitations and assist BST in upgrading its core software product. Matthew worked with BST to understand both the current issues that were reported by existing clients with supporting a desktop deployed solution as well as researching the new markets that BST was interested in expanding into. Europe and Asia, which required full Internationalisation support, were prime targets for expansion but needed support for non-Latin based languages.

At the same time there was an extensive existing customer base that needed to be assured there was a clear and specific upgrade path for them to transition smoothly from the Desktop application to any possible solution. In addition to these requirements a new prospective client, an international petroleum company, had strict data security requirements as well as a need for potentially significant scaling in the usage of the application.

“Matthew Hintzen was instrumental in making sure our upgrade from BAPPTrack® to Rincon™ addressed our and our Client’s needs, as well as positioning us for smooth expansion into new markets.”

- Kevin Rickard
Director of Information Services – BST, Inc..

Web-based solution built for scalability and the World

Based on this research and after careful analysis of future BST development plans, Matthew recommended that a web based solution would best address the client’s need, and if built for Internationalisation from the start would allow for languages to be easily added to the product without requiring any further input or work from developers. All the existing features of current BAPPTrack® product were successfully ported to the new platform, Rincon™.

The Result

Rincon™ has been deployed across the existing client base, and BST has successfully expanded into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other markets. Currently available for 12 languages / regions; 4 added after initial release without any requirement for Development to make modifications to the base product.

World class security and support for massive scalability have seen Rincon™ deployed at NASA, Chevron, and many other fortune 500 companies (over 250 companies at more than 400+ sites).

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