Mioraki, Supply of software development resources

Supplying additional software development resources during a peak time of work for Mioraki Pte Ltd, Singapore.

The Question

Mioraki Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, is a company that sells a specialized, in house developed, content management system (CMS) for the online presence of smaller publishers, like publishers of local newspapers. The CMS that Mioraki developed allows these publishers to very quickly and at low cost become an online presence with:

And many other features all based around the local community.

Mioraki was founded by a group of Dutch business partners and their primary market is also based in the Netherlands. With their main software development centre based in Hastings, New Zealand, it was a small step for Mioraki to come to Red Jungle when they needed some additional software development resources.
Because of the rapidly growing customer base, the number of features that needed to be developed or enhanced grew with it. But Mioraki knew it did not want to permanently hire additional software development staff and sought support from Red Jungle. With founding partner Gerard van de Ven also coming from the Netherlands originally they knew that the language would not be a problem.

Taking up the challenge

Red Jungle could quickly step in and assign one of their staff members to become part of the Mioraki development group, together with Gerard for day to day support where needed and to help cover the Dutch translations. The software had been set up as a multi-lingual application from the start which meant that all development could be done in English with just the page text translations plugged in at a later time.

After obtaining a copy, Red Jungle set up the CMS software in their Team Foundation Server (TFS) environment, which is being hosted in the cloud. This way, the Mioraki team could also easily access the software. Using Skype as a main means of communication, a multi-location team was set up and functioning in no time.

“Working with the people from Red Jungle was a breeze. Getting everything set up and working with the team spread over two locations was no problem at all. The speed with which the functionality was developed and the quality of the code delivered exceeded my expectations. It would have been very hard to make Mioraki the success it is at the moment without Red Jungle’s support.”

- Daniel Rutten
Chief Technology Officer – Mioraki Pte Ltd.

The Result

Red Jungle was able to assist Mioraki when they needed it and a large number of additional features where developed. Because of the broad range of skills that Red Jungle’s team has, Red Jungle was able to pass on some of these skills to Mioraki’s own team. Mioraki got a perfect fit for what they needed for this short period of time without having to go to a recruitment process themselves and being bound to staff that they might not need for a very long period.

As a final task during this period, Red Jungle developed a sample application for a possible future re-architecting of the Mioraki CMS.

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