Port of Napier, support in house applications

Supplying support for some of the vital applications used for the day to day operations at the Port of Napier.

The origin

Most of the software used at the Port of Napier for their day to day operations is third party software, but they also use a few applications developed in house. Most of this software was developed several years ago, when they still had a software developer among their IT staff. When that staff member left, the Port decided not to rehire a full time software developer but instead sought support from Red Jungle founding partner Gerard van de Ven to supply maintenance and support for one of their main in house applications: Port Control. Port Control takes care of the scheduling of ships to Berths, all movements in and out of the port and scheduling of resources like Pilots, tug boats, mooring lines and mooring gangs, etc.

Port Control needed to be updated to the latest versions of the .NET framework and SQL Server and a number of existing issues needed to be fixed. With little documentation available, the challenge for Gerard was to solve these issues in a short time frame and deploy them without any interruption to the Port’s operation and to make sure that a smooth transition was in place.

Once this was immediate work was done, Port of Napier Ltd was also looking towards a long term relation for maintenance and support for its in house software.

Actions taken

With the long and wide experience Gerard had in developing software, it did not take long for him to find out the causes of the problems they were experiencing and fix them. At the same time he upgraded the software to the latest version of the .NET framework and fixed any incompatibilities that arose because of the move away from .NET 1.1 to ensure long term viability of the Port Control software.

The people relying on the software were quite happy that support was available again. As a result requests for new features were put in and implemented.

“Red Jungle’s support for our Port Control software has been a very positive experience. It is great to have somebody you can talk to who is easy to understand and who also understands your requirements and delivers on them, time and again. For us it is a very cost-effective way of having software development skills available.”

- Steve Watson
IT Manager – Port of Napier Ltd.

The Result

Gerard and Red Jungle have been taking care of the maintenance and support of the Port Control software now for over 4 years. Many updates and new feature implementations have taken place in the meantime. The experience has been so positive for the Port of Napier, that Red Jungle is now also maintaining a few other in house software applications. With the long term relation with Red Jungle the Port of Napier has been able to achieve significant cost savings on its software development.

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